Chimney Management

Stucco clad framed chimneys are especially vulnerable to moisture intrusion. They are frequently improperly flashed at the roof line, improperly capped, and have only stucco cladding on the shoulders, which is insufficient for keeping excessive moisture out.

Remove all stucco, sheathing, wet insulation, and damaged framing

Replace all OSB or foam board with new 1/2" plywood

Install Tyvek with cap staples

Install 10mm Keene rain screen with cap staples

Install 7/8" Weep Screed

Install 7/8" expansion joint where required by code

Install self furring wire with vertical staples on framing members.  All overlapping stucco wire not terminated on a framing member to be wire tied

Install Brown coat, scratch coat, and finish stucco coat completely

Install a piece of Flagstone on the chimney shoulder.