Stucco to Everlast advanced composite siding

 The Reaction Exteriors crews are expert installers of Everlast™ Siding, a beautiful and realistic looking advanced composite siding offering a top-quality, longer-lasting and low maintenance siding solution.  Everlast Composite Siding does not require painting like wood siding or fiber cement siding.  Everlast has no wood additives, meaning it will not absorb moisture and will not rot.  


•Remove entire stucco elevation, corner to corner

•Replace OSB or foam board with new 1/2" plywood

•Install Tyvek vapor barrier with cap staples

•Remove and correctly reinstall windows

•Outline field with either Premium Everlast color-matched trim or white cellular PVC trim

•Install Everlast or CertainTeed siding according to manufacturers specs

Bracket all adjoining runs with Everlast fasteners. Install Everlast J-channel Trims at all windows and corners.