Stucco to Stucco Remediation Process


•Remove entire stucco elevation, corner to corner

•Replace OSB or foam board with new 1/2" plywood

•Remove rake boards and soffits in order to properly integrate vapor barriers

•Replace rakes and soffits with Azek

•Install Tyvek with cap staples

•Remove and correctly reinstall windows

•Install 10mm Keene rain screen with cap staples

•Install 7/8" EZ Bead around all windows, doors, rakes, soffits & Azek blocks

•Install 7/8" casing bead above window/door head flashing, above weep screed and where stucco meets dissimilar materials such as stone

•Install 7/8" Weep Screed

•Install 7/8" expansion joint where required by code

•Install 5/4" Azek blocks around all utility & light penetrations

•Maintain 2" gap above all roof lines

•Install self furring wire with vertical staples on framing members.  All overlapping stucco wire not terminated on a framing member to be wire tied

•Install Brown coat, scratch coat, and finish stucco coat completely 

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